Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fierce Eyes

Aside from make-over week, runway week is another of my most favorite ANTM episodes. This year the girls learned to walk on a bowling alley lane. If you've ever fouled in bowling, you know those lanes are slippery in bowling shoes, let alone stepping over that line in high-heel bowling shoes. Joselyn had a pretty good first walk. Poor Hannah had an extremely scary walk and Samantha has super bow legs.

Tonight on Lifetime television we have a heart to heart moment between Isis, McKey and Joselyn that takes place in the bathroom with elevator music playing in the background. Ummm, gag me.

At this week's challenge for designer Jeremey Scott has the girls walking the runway blindfolded. The catch, well other than walking nearly blind in front of a crowd, is that the girl with the worst walk won't get to pass go, won't collect $200...oh wait, that's Monopoly. The girl with the worst walk will not get to participate in the photo shoot, will not go to panel, but will be sent home immediately. No pressure ladies.

Before talking the runway, Samantha gets big time repremanded by Jeremy Scott because she is walking around lifting up her dress before the show. Not exactly the kind of thing a designer wants a model to do with his/her garments on the runway. But silly Sam does not heed the warning and walks with crazy arms down the catwalk and at the end poses (inadvertantly?) lifting her dress again showing her lady-bits to the whole crowd.

Poor Hannah who could not walk down the bowling alley lane, again struts down the runway as if she's a show horse sidestepping around an arena. It was like she was trying to walk and put the ball of her foot down before her heel. That's not how it works honey. Time to pack up and head back to Russ...errr, Alaska.

Joselyn is the challenge winner and she gets to pick two friends to join her (Isis and Sheena) to shoot an advertorial for 15-year-old Russian designer Kira Plastinina. Plastinina was totally awesome for a 15 year old. No "My Super Sweet 16" spoiled brat there, at least not in front of the camera.

For the shoot this week the girls shoot at their house with none other than famed fashion photographer Mr. Nigel Barker, sigh. When is Nigel going to get his own show? I could watch him for hours. The girls have to shoot in the swimming pool with just their eyes above water.

Clark actually has a good shoot and Mr. J thinks it was because she was flirting with wonder I love to hate the girl. I felt sorry for Isis having to do two swimsuit shoots in a row. She once again was awkward in her suit and never got comfortable in front of the camera.

At judging Samantha got torn apart by Jeremy Scott. He told her, "You're representing me when you're out there. It's not your show. You're not a rock star." Oh, snap Jeremy Scott. But he's right. Samantha acted very immature at the runway show.

Of all the pictures Sheena, Samantha, Clark and Lauren Brie were my favorites. In the end Clark took the top prize and Samantha and Isis were in the bottom two. Even though I thought Samantha was going home because of her actions, it was Isis' inability to stand out that sent her packing.

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