Monday, February 23, 2009

The Amazing Race, Week 2

The pies were flying and the laughs kept coming during this week's Amazing Race. Photo from

I had mouth surgery on Friday, so laughing was the last thing I wanted to be doing on Sunday night, but I couldn't help myself. In fact, I laughed a lot.

I have to say that this has been the funniest start to the Amazing Race to date. Last week it was the wheels of cheese, and people, rolling down a Swiss hillside. This week it was contestants throwing pies in each other's faces while drunk German's watched on. Reality TV at its finest. And while they struggled this week, Linda got her wish after the teams found out they were headed to Munich Linda chimed in saying, "There's beer in Germany so hopefully there's a beer challenge." Well, sorry to say the beer wasn't for you Linda, but a few pies in the face were so much better.

Before the pie challenge, where the other choice was to complete an obstacle course on a Segway (boring), a team member had to complete a road block of paragliding down a beautiful mountain side. I was extremely jealous not only because I want to go paragliding, but because once again teams got to enjoy some breath taking views. Due to some heavy winds teams had to wait out the weather or choose to run down the 6,000 foot mountain. Mel was the only one to wait it out and enjoy the experience. Unfortunately, the "hick from the sticks", Linda, made a wrong turn on her trek down the mountain which put she and husband Steve way behind.

Despite much pie in their faces, Victor and Tammy were able to find their way to the pit stop first this week. Photo from

It was siblings Victor and Tammy who came in first this week while Steve and Linda weren't able to catch up and were the pair to be elimintated.

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