Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New year = new Biggest Loser

Tuesday night marked the start of yet another season of the Biggest Loser. I have become addicted to watching this show (my last post was the finale of Biggest Loser). I told myself that I didn’t want to devote 2 hours of my time to the show every week this time and wasn’t planning on watching it at all, but alas, I watched the premiere.

There isn’t a team on the show that I don’t want to win as of now. There are a lot of big personalities on the show this season along with a lot of firsts on the show.

Best friends and the Orange team, David and Dan, are both under 25 and Dan, who is only 19, happens to be the heaviest man the show has ever seen. The boys have a great sense of humor and I really want to pull for Dan because he is in such an unhealthy situation. I laughed when everyone was picking team and Dan made some comment on how it’s embarrassing enough being the fat kid picked last in gym class, but to be the last one picked by a bunch of other fat kids was a whole other complex.

Married couple and White team, Jerry and Estella, are the sweetest old couple. Poor Jerry passed out after the first workout (and this wasn’t even with the trainers yet) and it was very sad. Jerry is the oldest contestant the show has ever seen. I totally want to see this pair succeed and show everyone that age doesn’t slow you down.

The team that I immediately fell for was the Red team. Damien and Nicole are so in love with each other it is totally adorable. Also Nicole has such an endearing personality that has shown through after only one episode. Don’t let me down girl.

The big twist in episode one was that 9 people would be going home after the first weigh in. Each team that fell below the yellow line had to chose one person on their team to return home. The catch: if, after 30 days, a team member is still on the show, those who were sent home during the first elimination would be able to return. This twist stinks. You just find your favorite people and already the team is split up.

One other thing that I had to mention was the profuse sweating going on during the premiere. I noticed Ron from the Brown team sweating through his shirt and just thought that it was a result of his weight. Then I noticed how shinny host Alison Sweeney kept getting. Did the AC at the Biggest Loser ranch go out or something? Poor people are being tortured in the gym, the least thing you can do is give them a means to cool off.

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