Friday, January 30, 2009

LOST - Jughead

Be warned! I'm not claiming responsibilty for spoilers if you read further.

Blogging last week’s episodes of Lost was quite a doosie so this week’s format will be a quite a bit shorter and lets keep our fingers crossed that it’s sweeter, too.

Desmond wasted no time reuniting with Penny and knocking that girl up. The episode starts with Penny delivering a baby boy whom we later find is named Charlie. I must admit that when I heard the baby was named after Desmond’s fallen Island buddy I did let out an audible, “awww.”

I’m curious, why isn’t Desmond, or for that matter Frank, included with the Oceanic 6 as people that have to return to the Island to save everyone?

The people with the flaming arrows are a group that we have not seen yet, but turns out they are Others. A woman holding a gun says to Faraday, “You just couldn’t stay away, could you?” Is that question directed just to Faraday (who maybe she recognizes) or the whole group?

Richard Alpert is at the helm of the flaming-arrow brigade. That man never ages. What’s the deal? He tells Faraday he assumes the group is back to retrieve their bomb. Bomb, what the?!

Penny and Desmond have traveled to England so that Desmond can find Faraday’s mom. Penny is worried that her father will find them and all will go to hell. At Oxford there is no record of a Daniel Faraday having worked there. I smell Whitmore here. Desmond does some investigating of his own and finds Faraday’s old lab. After a tell-all janitor blabs away, Desmond finds out that Whitmore was Faraday’s benefactor. Hmmmm.

Quote of the week: “He’s one of my people.” John Locke’s excuse for not shooting one of the Others as he’s escaping.

Back on the Island Juliet tells John and crew that Richard has always been here. When John asks, “How old is he?” Juliet replies, “Old.” Well gee, thanks Juliet, we already knew that was true. John should have asked, “How does he keep his skin looking so good?” Because the answer to that question could be a real moneymaker!

The hydrogen bomb that Faraday claims to be able to dismantle is named “Jughead.” Are we talking Archie’s buddy Jughead from the comics?

In London, Desmond goes to Whitmore’s office. I didn’t pay too close attention to their conversation because I was distracted by the painting of the polar bear with Namaste written across the top.

Shocker moment of the show: The Other that escaped from Locke was wearing a uniform that had the name Jones on it, but we find out that he’s really a young, strapping Charles Whitmore circa 1954. Yes, my mouth dropped at this little tidbit of information.

Also of note: The U.S. military was on the Island at some point during or before the 50s and they were the ones responsible for the Hydrogen bomb on the Island. What are we to make of this fact?

Awesome episode considering half of the Losties weren’t involved. I was thankful that there wasn’t as much jumping back and forth between past, present, future and crazy Island time.

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