Thursday, October 2, 2008

Natural Beauty

This week on America's Next Top Model:

The girls had a self styling challenge where they were given clothes that were too big for them and they had to use gadgets found in their purses to make them fit better. Poor Marjorie got extremely nervous having to complete the challenge in front of judge Paulina and had a minor panic attack. McKey was the challenge winner and was awarded 50 extra frames in this week's shoot. Is it me or is McKey kinda looking like a monkey these days? I never noticed how far her ears stick out until tonight. I'm not a fan of how she's styling her hair.

Back at home it's pick on Marjorie night. According to my friend over at I Watch Lots of TV girls who get a lot of face time on the show are getting the "I am going home" edit. Could this be Marjorie's time to go?

At the shoot, Monster Jay (here we go again with the acting roles) tells the ladies they will be natural disasters that occur in Los Angeles for this week's photo shoot. They are as follows:
Elina -- earthquake
Sheena -- sandstorm
Clark -- blackout
Lauren Brie -- snow storm
Joslyn -- rock slide
Analeigh -- wind storm
McKey -- heat wave
Samantha -- tidal wave
Marjore -- traffic jam

Ummm, since when did a traffic jam become a natural disaster? Have they gotten that bad in LA that FEMA needs to be called in? And speaking of natural disasters in LA, when was the last time there was a snow storm there? Where were the Malibu fires?

The girls were decked out in 60s-ish mod clothes. I liked how Sam rocked the wave and while I wasn't sure how her photos would translate, I loved Marjorie in that blond bob.

At judging Sam jumped from the bottom two to claim the top spot this week. Marjorie survived, but can she beat her fidgety nerves and stick around next week? Clark was the opposite of Sam and fell from the top spot to the going home spot. Joslyn, in the bottom two with Clark, was saved because of her bubbly personality (and after her scary photo this week, that's ALL that saved her).

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