Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Serena Also Rises

The NY socialites save the day for Eleanor Waldorf's show. Photo from CW.com

Serena has climbed back on top of the social ladder and Blair has gone tumbling down -- despite all of her attempts that is. It's Fashion Week in NYC and Blair tries to woo her friends by putting them in the 2nd row at her mom's show. The girls are excited about the tickets, until they spot a picture of Serena in Women's Wear Daily out on the town with socialite Poppy (is socialite naming like celebrity naming? The weirder the better?).

Dan, after getting fired from his internship, is taking his writing to some one new who tells him his stories are dull and lifeless. Well, they're about Dan's real life, what do you expect buddy? To spice up his pages Dan decides to follow Chuck for a day. Chuck gets Dan liquored and hopped up on pills. "How do you know so many twins," Dan to Chuck. "The twins find me," Chuck. And just when you think these two actually get along, Chuck leaves Dan in the middle of no where without shoes and tells Dan he was just his entertainment for the night. Ouch.

Little J has been skipping class to help Eleanor and while she was at it changed the seating chart Blair put together for the show. Big no, no Little J. At the show, J put Serena and her new found socialite friends in the front row, breaking the tradition of Serena and Blair watching the show from back stage. Poor Blair is SO picked on. HA. And of course we see another shameless Vitamin Water plug in the fashion show gift bags.

Dan doesn't know when to leave things well enough and goes back for seconds with Chuck. When Chuck tires of Dan's 20 questions he moves on to a woman he thinks is a prostitute and when her boyfriend confronts Chuck, Dan knocks him out. They get arrested. Glad there's one realistic aspect in this episode: knock someone out at a bar, get arrested.

Back at the show, to get back at Jenny, Blair sent all of the models home. But J has a plan. Socialites save the day on the runway!! Yippeee! "It's a good thing socialites are wafer thin," Eleanor. Good thing indeed. In another attempt to sabotage, Blair sent Serena onto the runway wearing J's after party dress that she designed and made. Turns out both girls are a success. In your face Waldorf.

In the after show Eleanor praised Little J's help in the show and even though unhappy Rufus saw this he still pulled her aside and lectured her. That's when Little J decided to tell him that she wasn't going back to school. Quite a decision for a 15 year old to be making (again why I would never let my child, if I had one, watch this show).

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