Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Same Old Story

Walter uses the Massive Dynamic machine to recreate a dead woman's last vision. Photo from

Right off the bat, does this show always start with people in bed?

Poor Loraine from “the club” has something funky in her belly. Turns out it’s a baby that ages to 80 within 4 hours of birth. Crazy.

Our crazy red-headed, bionic arm Miss Sharp, who seemed a little shady in the first episode herself, is on some panel and is now questioning the characteristics of the newly formed 3 musketeers.

I love that Walter is like a kid seeing the world for the first time. His quote, “I’ve never seen a feature like this before. It warms your ass. Wonderful.” About seat warmers in the car made me crack up.

When Peter questions what “The Pattern” is, Olivia breaks it down for him saying: “inexplicable and frightening things are happening and there’s a connection somehow.” Thanks for the KISS (keep it simple stupid) explanation Olivia.

Everyone seems to be intertwined into this incredibly-fast-growing-babies phenomenon. Olivia thinks it’s connected to a case she and traitor John once worked and Walter’s test results of the dead, old baby show a similarity to old experiments he did before being committed to the nut house with a Dr. Claus Penrose. When confronted, Penrose denies knowledge of the killer. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

The killer takes another lady from “the club” in order to harvest her pituitary glands, which are keeping him from aging too quickly. When our musketeers recover her body they have to borrow some crazy tool from Massive Dynamic in order to see the woman’s last vision. With this vision the musketeers are able to find the killer, and Penrose, in a warehouse. Chase ensues and while running the killer quickly ages. On his dying breath the old man said Penrose was paid to run the experiment, but loved the boy so kept him alive rather than watch him quickly age to his death.

And then Walter makes some not-so-kidlike statements: “The inherent pitfalls of being a scientist are trying to maintain that distinction between God’s domain and our own.” Then Walter goes on to mention something about Peter’s medical history. Could he be some science experiment?

And at the end was the JJ Abrams “what the….?” Moment I’ve been waiting for. Whose body was that? Even after pausing the DVR I couldn’t quite tell.

This week’s episode was packed with so many interesting aspects that I was better able to ignore Olivia’s poor acting, but she’s still on probation with me.

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