Monday, September 29, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!

I am so excited that the Amazing Race is back again. If there were one reality show I would be on, this would be it for sure. I wouldn't even care so much about the $1 million prize (although that would be pretty sweet). The best part about this show is the travel experience. Granted the contestants are kind of rushed from place to place, but you still get to see so much!

With that said, here's how the premiere of Amazing Race 13 went.

Contestants started the season from the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Their first destination was Salvador, Brazil. Terence and Sarah tried to beat the usual L.A. traffic by taking side streets to the airport, while Aja & Ty were smart by taking the carpool lane, but ended up going to the wrong ticket counter when they got to the airport.

On the way to Brazil the first plane got delayed, but not by enough to have the second group catch up completely. Once in Salvador contestants had to go to a sandwich shop, get a cart full of goodies and wind their way through the streets to find their next clue. The comic bookie geeks from San Diego, Mark & Bill, were the first to the sandwich shop, but it was Terence and Sarah who were able to push their cart faster. Did you notice the Brazilian lady dressed in hot pink that was trying to help all the contestants? Was she trying to get her 5 minutes of fame?

The first Road Block challenge options were:

1. Climb up stairs to a church on their hands and knees and answer a question at the top. If they failed they had to navigate the streets back down to the bottom and start again.

2. Descend a cargo net from atop a building some 250 up.

All but the ASU frat boys chose option 2 and seemed to have no problem with the height. The frat boys made it to the top of the stairs pretty quickly, were unable to answer how many stairs they just climbed, but got the correct answer on their second trip up.

Siblings Starr & Nick took the top spot, while beekeepers Anita & Arthur were sent back home to Oregon. Photos from

I have to say that it looked very warm in Salvador as everyone was sweating like crazy. In the end Starr and Nick took the top spot followed closely by the team they have dubbed mom & dad, Ken and Tina. The Oregonian beekeepers couldn't keep pace with everyone else and were the first to be eliminated from the race.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite team in the first week, but I must say I already have a team that I greatly dislike: Terence and Sarah. Terence is a bit of an asshole already and has proved to be very controlling over Sarah, at times even talking for her. Dallas is the hottie on the show and Starr is already cozying up to him with a little firting action. Should make for some interesting episodes.


Anonymous said...

Ditto on Terence: manipulative and whiney

Anonymous said...

But what were you eating when you watched it? That's what I want to know