Monday, September 8, 2008

Not a hole in one

Ever since Ellen showed a video of the Japanese game show “human tetris” a while back, I cannot get enough of the videos on YouTube. Need an instant smile? That’s the video to turn to. A few weeks ago I saw a commercial that there would be an Americanized version of the show airing on Fox this season. I was super excited.

Well, Sunday was the premiere and I wasn’t smiling too much. I sat down in front of the TV with my left over egg custard buns from dim sum and anticipation running through my veins.

I’m not really sure why this show was such a disappointment. Is it that Brooke Burns is way too bubbly? Is it because Mark Thompson says, "Are you ready to face the hole?" each and every time? Or is it because of the awesome silver suits that the contestants have to wear that leave nothing to the imagination as far as anatomy goes (and this show is in the 8p.m. timeslot)? No, it must have been the horrible team names -- Six Packs vs. Beer Bellies -- is this a college frat party game that's being televised?

Whatever it may be, this show gets a major fail from me. I'll stick to watching the Japanese versions on YouTube.

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