Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Dark Night

If this doesn't look like a scandalous, blackmailing beyotch, I'm not sure what does. Photo from CW.com

Due to a DVR user error last week, I missed episode 2 and wasn't able to catch up until last night. It was a good one though. Instead of going back I shall stick to the task of this week's episode, The Dark Night.

This week I am in Oakland visiting my friend Alli, so I got to watch with she and her roommate who are both GG virgins.

Before we start, I want to clear the air about something that's been bothering me since episode one. In real life Chuck is British, but plays an American character on GG. He pulls off an American accent quite well, if not creepily well sometimes. Then enters Lord Marcus who I believe in real life is American (born in Florida), but is now playing a British character. But, unlike Chuck, cannot pull off the accent of the character. In fact, his British accent is quite possibly worse than my British accent -- and that's BAD. Usually the Brit boys make me swoon, but Marcus kinda makes me want to jump off a cliff.

Back to the episode... I'm happy that Vanessa has returned to the show. She adds just enough sanity and sarcasm to this group. She seems to be the only semi-normal-to-real-life person on the show. I had to remind myself, and my co-watchers, many times throughout this episode that yes, these people ARE in high school.

Turns out the Duchess is the woman Nate had an affair with in the Hampton's. The Duchess also has it out for Blair, but Blair is able to get what she wants from the Duchess when she walks in on she and Nate going at it in the library at Blair's party. And poor little gigolo Nate getting money to save his family from the Duchess in return for sex. It's quite the Upper East Side scandal.

It's good to see Dan and Serena taking a step back to make sure they've worked out all their problems, a.k.a. making out in ever nook and cranny possibly. I'm totally over this plot line. Next. But how funny was it when the little teenie boppers confront Dan and Serena in the park and state whose side they're on in the whole breakup? It's kind of like The Hills on MTV, are you Team Dan or Team Serena?

Final bombs dropped during this episode: the Duchess is a blackmail queen and told Vanessa to leave Nate alone or she would tell the FBI where Nate's dad is. Psycho? And while the lights are out Blair tells the Lord that she wants him in the worst way possible and to meet her in her bedroom. But rather than the Lord we see (predictably so) that it is Chuck she gets hot and steamy with instead.

Besides being able to predict most of what would happen during the NYC blackout, I still enjoyed this story and my de-flowered GG co-watchers are now hooked.

Until next time, xoxo.

P.S. My Monday night meal was a team effort from Alli and her roommate. They made a wonderful meat lasagna served with a delicious garlic sourdough bread from Boudin's and a mixed green salad with poppy sead dressing. Thanks!

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