Monday, March 8, 2010

Eating my way through Spring Training, IV

Our last game at Spring Training. Giants vs. Diamondbacks.

Saturday marked the last game for our Spring Training trip. Unlike my father, who had a hot dog every game, I had managed to not repeat on food and today would be no exception. After making a circle around the stadium and eying the wares I decided upon a cheeseburger from the BBQ stand.

This burger was sub-par for sure.

As a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur this was NOT a good burger.  First of all it wasn't very warm, like it had been bbq'd earlier then set aside. Second, I hate when you just slap a slice of cheese onto a burger without it being melted. The only positive to my lunch was that I found a beer kart behind home plate that sold Shock Top beer -- a much better alternative to Bud or Coors Light. The burger set me back $7.75 and the beer was $7.25.

Dinner was a much better experience. We headed into downtown Phoenix near where both the Suns and Diamondbacks have stadiums. The dinner destination was Alice Cooperstown.

All of the menu items were cleverly named for various athletes and musicians. I got the Sundevil Clubhouse with chicken, sweet garlic mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato. It came with two sides and I got fries and mandarin slices. The sandwich was great and the fries were perfectly crispy.
The Sundevil Clubhouse with fries.

My dad got "The Great One" bbq sampler with ribs, smoked turkey, pulled pork, hot link and brisket. Everything was great and the proportions weren't overwhelming. The best part were the prices. My sandwich only set me back $9.99 and my dad's plate was only $13.99. If in town I'd check this place out again.
"The Great One" bbq sampler

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KleoPatra said...

You are perfect in the Sports department, this just confirms it!