Monday, March 8, 2010

Eating my way through Spring Training, V

Just because we finished with Spring Training games it didn't mean we were finished eating. On our way out to Camelback Mountain on Friday we drove past a Sprinkles cupcake shop. I shrieked with excitement. We didn't have time to get cupcakes that day (plus it would have voided the calories we burned hiking), so I made sure to make it back on our way out of town Sunday.

I'm not saying that getting cupcakes was the highlight of the trip, but it darn well was up there. It would have been more of a highlight if I would have gone on Saturday when they had the strawberry cupcakes, but instead I settled for a black & white cupcake and a lemon cupcake. Yummy.

After our stop at Sprinkles, we headed south to the Arizona State University campus. On the edge of campus sits deli/bar Bison Witches, a must eat in Arizona I was told before leaving on the trip. The selection offered up at Bison Witches was part pub food and part deli. I opted for the $7.75 deal of a half sandwich, half soup. I got a roast beef and brie sandwich on wheat with clam chowder.

Roast beef and brie with clam chowder. Yum, yum.

My dad got the Sundevil on rye. Both sandwiches were served on thick, homemade-like bread. The soup was served in a bread bowl. I was able to down my whole meal, my dad ended up taking half of his sandwich home. It was a little heartbreaking that we had to get on the road after eating here because the beer selection was excellent.

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