Monday, May 11, 2009

A dog day at Dodger stadium

Mom's took to the field before the start of the game to create a human pink ribbon for breast cancer survivors.

Sunday was Mother's Day, but also marked game 3 of 3 in the Dodgers/Giants series in Los Angeles. A group of us, both Dodger and Giants fans decided to make the trek from San Diego to Chavez Ravine and Dodger Stadium.
Philippe is located just outside of Chinatown at 1001 N. Alameda St. It was filled with Dodger fans on the way to the game.

On the way up we stopped at Philippe home of the famous french dip. You can get a french dip with just about any type of meat your heart desires: beef, pork, lamb, turkey. Walk inside this establishment and it feels a little bit county. There is sawdust on the floor and the tables are set up in rows with bar stools near the order counter. Lines are queued up between these table tops, but go fairly quick. For $5.55 you get about a 6-inch sandwich filled with meat straight off the bone. I was expecting to get a side of au jus, but instead that is applied directly to the meat on the sandwich. We also ordered a few slices of apple pie to enjoy while tailgating before the game.

Just about the time we finished our wonderful french dip sandwiches, the parking security came through the lot telling people that they were not allowed to hang around our cars and we needed to proceed into the stadium. Well we weren't happy about that since we had just poured our second round of drinks (which we also found out it was against the rules to drink alcohol and grounds for removal).

Boo to the Dodger organization for making people pay $15 to park and not allowing them to enjoy their time before the game chillin with their friends and enjoying some good food and drink. After going to many a Padre game in San Diego where the tailgating parking lot costs some $30, this was part of the baseball game experience I was greatly looking forward to. And this is another reason why:

Yes people, $12.25 for a large domestic beer. I bought a 6-pack of blonde ale at Trader Joe's the week before for only $6.99! That is robbery. At Petco these days I think a beer will set you back some $7 or $8, but $12,25?! I was just silly enough to purchase one, though.

And then what's visiting a new stadium if you don't partake in the food they are known for. So, even after being full from apple pie and french dip, in the 8th inning I opted for a famous Farmer John Dodger Dog. Here's what I got:

That is one long, skinny wienie. Hope that's no reflection on anything else in the Dodger club.

But I will say, that even though it didn't look too appealing, it did taste mighty fine. Much better than the standard hot dog at Padres games.

And I'm very glad that I did chose to get a hot dog in the 8th inning since the game went for 12. And I'm happy to announce that the Giants game out victorious winning 7-5! Huuuuuuummmm, baby!

Andrea, Alexa and I outside of the Dodger Stadium. We did have to console Alexa a little after the Giants took 2 of 3 in the series.


edwardmichellegarcia said...

Liar!!!! You've been to Dodger Stadium before....Madonna!!!! I'll forgive you for your error. Hehehe. XOXO.

Ms. Riley said...

Loved the music Leslie! Sorry about the formal Ms. Riley stuff, but my blog was set up for junior high students. Holly Newman linked to your page. I know her mom, so that's how we got the referral to your page.

Mother's day sounded like fun in LA. We live in Windsor, California, the gateway to wine country, and had a nice quiet mother's day at the Green Grocer with my brother and his wife. Today Bodega Bay was fogged in, but a great place to visit.

Keep Blogging! Hope I can use your blog as a demo with my students next year.