Monday, February 2, 2009

Awesome kitchen gadget

Making sure the slicer is on straight is probably the most important step to the process.

I love getting inexpensive, delicious pineapples from Costco and Henry's Market. I don't, however, love slicing the pineapples after I get them home. There are so many steps to slicing a whole pineapple and I end up having to go back and slice off the excess thorns that I missed in the first go-around. It's just a pain and eating my fruit shouldn't be such a process.

For my birthday, my wonderful friends, the Breier family, gave me a VacuVin Pineapple Slicer from Williams Sonoma. As it isn't exactly pineapple season (we're still a few months away), they have been in short supply so I hadn't gotten a chance to try out this new and potentially glorious gadget.

Low and behold I went to Costco last week and in the produce area was a new stock of pineapples. I picked one that looked semi-ripe so I didn't have to wait to long to dig into it. Here's how it turned out.

After getting the slicer on straight, it took about 30 twists with barely any effort to get to the bottom of the pineapple. I will say that it took a little bit of muscle to release the suction and pull the slices of pineapple out.

Once the pineapple was removed from the shell, it was wrapped around the device in a perfect spiral. It made the perfect addition to my breakfast that morning.

Left behind was just the rind and the core. Instead of trashing the beautiful container I decided to turn it into my beverage container for Super Bowl Sunday. That's right. How many Super Bowl parties have you been to where there's been a girl walking around drinking from a bendy straw sticking out of a pineapple?! The beverage: Orange, pineapple, banana juice with 2 shots of 99 Bananas liquor. Delicious.

Results: This machine is AWESOME! I give the Pineapple Slicer two thumbs up. My only complaint is that with the size of the pineapple I bought I feel like quite a bit of fruit was left on the rind. Next time I might try a smaller pineapple for less waste. Thanks Breier family for introducing this time-saving gadget into my life.


Tim said...

Cut out the remaining core, slip in a right-sized tumbler, and you got yourself one hell of an awesomely gaudy tropical drink cup!

Of course, you'll typically need more than one, and the price of pineapple usually doesn't lend itself to that...

Tim said...

Right... you totally wrote that already...