Monday, December 8, 2008

And the winners are....

It must have been because of the camouflage that Nick and Starr were able to sneak past everyone and win the million dollar grand prize.
Yawn. Another season of the Amazing Race is over with and the winners and the finale kind of left me sleepy... seriously, I dozed off and had to rewind the DVR.
Surprise, surprise. Nick and Starr were the winners. I think they won more than half of the legs during this season, which made it kind of a boring season to watch. I am, however, happy that it wasn't the lame frat boys who won. I was VERY disappointed last week when they made it to the mat before Toni and Dallas (who, actually, never did make it to the mat because Phil eliminated them in the streets of Russia). I will have to say that this season I saw the most mistakes and non-read clues I've ever seen.
Speaking of Toni and Dallas, did anyone else notice that they weren't at the final mat ceremony? I was sad to see that they weren't there. I wonder if they had some difficulties leaving Russia because Dallas left their passports in a cab. I'm sure the show has ways of preventing something like that, right?
The finale was kind of sweet when Ken and Tina did make amends and put their wedding rings back on after having been separated before the race. Other than Toni and Dallas, I was kind of hoping they'd pull out an win in the end (but mostly only because I didn't want Nick and Starr to win).
Better step up your game next season, Amazing Race. Maybe you should let me tag along.

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