Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday morning movie

Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins is reunited with her supposed missing son by Capt. J.J. Jones played by Jeffery Donovan.

It has become somewhat of a loose tradition for my friend Liz and I to go to Tuesday morning movies. For only $5.50 at the Hazard Center UltraStar who can pass up such a deal. This week we went and saw Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie. We walked into the theater just as the previews were starting and even though it was dark in the theater, Liz and I were still able to tell that we were the youngest people in attendance, probably by about 40 years. But we are not shamed by this fact. Only proud by our penny pinching abilities.

At 2 hours and 20 minutes a movie of that length really has to work hard to keep me at attention and Changeling was able to do just that. The plot was saddening and remembering that it was based on a true story made it maddening.

Angelina did a great job in the role of Christine Collins, which I was happy about since the movie trailer where she screams, "I want MY son back," left me wondering if the whole movie would be just as melodramatic. I also enjoyed Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice who played the character of Capt. J.J. Jones -- the man you wanted to smack.

The real winner of this movie, however, was the costuming. Just as critics are enthralled with the costuming in the TMC show Mad Men, I was equally excited about the garments in Changeling. Minus the whole prohibition thing, it made me want to transport back to that era.

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