Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ellen's game week

I have been a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show for quite some time now. I record it religiously and although I haven't had much time to watch it this season, I still find that it always has the power to make me smile. For the past 2 seasons my friend Liz and I have been trying to get tickets to the show, but have had no luck. So when my friend Michelle told me that she went to the show I was super jealous. Then when she told me that she got picked to participate in Ellen's game week, I was even more jealous. But to top it ALL off, Michelle informed me that she WON the game and received an electronics package worth $2,000 and included an Xbox, a cell phone and camera, etc., I nearly lost it in the middle of the grocery store.

Due to some incorrect information on the cable guide, I missed the episode that Michelle was on. Lucikly, while it's not the entire segment, the game was posted online so I got to see Michelle (pictured at left at the top of this blog) kill her competition. Here is the video link, enjoy my spastic friend.

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