Monday, November 10, 2008

Ellen's Game Week, Take 2

After winning $2,000 worth of electronics from Ellen, my friend Michelle was invited back to the show to participate for a grand prize package of an 8-day private African safari. Since I was already going to be up in L.A., Michelle invited me to be her guest on the show. I don't know who was more excited -- Michelle playing for the safari or me getting to go to Ellen, finally! Here's how the afternoon went.

Michelle and I arrived at the show and were VIP guests. We're ballers.

During Ellen's monologue she called down four contestants to play "Grab My Banana," which would narrow the playing field down to two for the final game.

Each of the girls was given a puzzle to put together, the first two to put it together properly and grab a banana from the podium were in the final.

Michelle's puzzle was a baboon, and while she had a little trouble putting it together, she managed to finish (even though the poor baboon was sideways) and grabbed the second banana.

After "Grab My Banana" Ellen did her usual dance through the crowd. I got caught dancing my tall white girl moves. Eeek. They sat me next to the shortest people in the whole audience!

After Ellen danced around the crowd Michelle and I (plus our neighbor in front of us) got close-ups. My 1.5 seconds of fame. I wonder what kind of Hollywood role I can land with this clip.

For the rest of the show, Cole Hamels (World Series MVP) came and dunked a producer to earn money for Sara Lee's "Feeding America;" Marcia Cross (who is SUPER skinny BTW) was embarrassed by an old clip Ellen dug up for naughty November; Kym Douglas brought beauty tricks for cheap (although putting your feet in Jell-O to take away the stink doesn't seem very cheap or practical); and the sexy John Legend serenaded the audience (and gave everyone in the audience his new CD).

But most importantly, Michelle got to play the grand-prize game, "Safari So Goodie." Want to know if she won? Check out this link to see my girl in action. It gets crazy!

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Michelle Garcia said...

Yeay!!! I especially like the close up of us!!! Didn't know that was coming!!! Fun times. Love your dance moves!!