Thursday, October 2, 2008

We'll be back...

...after this commercial break.

I know I've only been posting to my blog for a month now, but I'm on a writer's strike ... ha, that could only happen if I were getting paid. The truth is, I'm headed to a friend's wedding this weekend and when I return home I will be without Internet for about a week, so the blog will be on a short hiatus. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll still be doing lots of eating and lots of TV watching and will fill you in about it at a later date. Plus, I just got real cable hooked up, so there is so much more to blog about -- Bravo, Food Network, TLC, Discovery... the options are endless (well except for premium movie channels. See reason above as to why I can't have a writer's strike).

Anyway, if you have any dire TV, food or other news feel free to leave me a comment. Plus, getting comments makes me feel special. ♥

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