Monday, October 27, 2008

Karma's a bitch

They can be sneaky and dramatic at times, but Nick and Starr pulled out another first place this week. Photos from

This week teams traveled from Aukland to Cambodia, Thailand. On the way to the airport Terrence got pulled over for going 17km above the speed limit. Karma's a bitch Terrence. But that little set back doesn't mean the pair missed the first flight. They sneak on with Ken and Tina.

Back at the airport, the divorcees are stirring up more drama with Dallas and his mom whispering together and saying that Dallas' hair looks like Teenwolf. On a kinder note, I think, Ty says he wouldn't trade Aja in, not even for a Porsche. I can feel the love.

When the teams get to Cambodia their first challenge to to use a hand crank to pump gas into a truck. Dallas and Toni manage to finish 2nd even though their driver took them to the wrong place. The always genius frat boys can't figure out how to fill their pump -- even from home I could tell that they didn't have the proper valve closed. Silly frat boys.

In the bad karma world Terrence and Sarah are struck down again when their boat breaks down on the way to the detour and Terrence gets out a stick to try and get them to their destination. He throws a few hissy fits on the way.

On the way to this week's pit stop, teams stopped at the beautiful Angkor Wat to complete a road block that gets poor Tina very lost.

Poor long distance couple Aja and Ty just couldn't pull it out this week.

It is the dramatic Nick and Starr that find their way to the front of the pack this week and Aja and Ty just can't make up for last week's lost time and are eliminated. As a final karmic intervention Terrence and Sarah were hit with a 30 minute time penalty next week as a result of Terrence's speeding. Maybe these two should learn to play nice with each other and they won't have such bad things happen to them.

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