Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chuck In Real Life

Poor Chuck still resides in his father's shadow. Photo CW.com

Here goes Gossip Girl using movie titles as the episode title. Can we get a little more creative people?

Bart is back in town and he's bearing gifts and household guidelines and the 'children' aren't happy about it. I mean 1am curfew on a weeknight?! Horrors!
Since Dan no longer has Serena he's decided to try out for the soccer team -- how very sporty of him.

Vanessa needs Blair's help to get signatures and hand out fliers to save a historic Brooklyn Inn that is going to be torn down. She threatens to blackmail Blair if she doesn't get a thousand signatures in 6 hours. Is this really something that you want to be pulling the blackmail card for? I think that card should be used in extreme situations only.

Blair brings Chuck in to help her take Vanessa down and in turn get back at Dan for becoming friends with Nate. The sexual tension between Blair and Chuck is reaching epic proportions. And while those two are busy conspiring, Serena is out to prove that nobody gives her rules to follow.

After Little J calls out Dan for only having girl friends, he calls up Nate to go play soccer at the park. When he shows up at Nate's he sees that the house has been seized and that Nate has been living inside on a sleeping bag. Dan invites Nate back to dinner at the Humphrey's to try to help him out, but Nate brushes him off.

At the Bass housewarming event Serena calls out her mom in front of a national magazine about how she was never around when she and Eric were kids. Quite the little pisser Serena has become lately.

At the urging of his dad, Dan does not back down from trying to help Nate and in the end, Nate falls for the Humphrey charm and succumbs to the offer of Scattegories. I mean who could resist Sacttegories?!

In the world of Chuck and Blair, they did manage to squash Vanessa and Chuck takes Blair up on her offer of getting to sleep with her, but before he'll do the deed he asks her for the three little words that she had previously wanted to hear from him, but she won't say them. Now Chuck tells Blair that it's her turn to chase after him. Teenagers these days. Oh and can I mention that I am going to have to go shopping for some lingerie tomorrow because of the fact that a 17 year old has WAY hotter lingerie than I do. TMI?

You know you love me. XOXO

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