Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Fringe, you've sucked me in another week, but can the "Arrival" keep me interested?

We start with Lex Luth....err, a hairless man that looks a bit like Lex. he's at a diner and orders a roast beef sandwich on a roll as rare as possible, water at room temperature and 11 jalapenos. He looks outside with some James Bond-ish binoculars at a construction site and is taking notes in some crazy looking language. His order comes and he pours the remained of a pepper shaker on it with a bunch of Tabasco sauce then seemingly imbibes the sandwich in one bite.

After an explosion at the construction site and hairless guy making a call saying, "It's arrived," we cut to Walter and Peter in a hotel room. Walter is spouting off a formula, which turns out to be that of root beer. Then Walter mentions how a root beer float would be good. He hasn't had one in 17 years. Which reminds me there were root beer floats today at work, and cupcakes, oh and I have a cupcake that someone gave me in the fridge, which sounds good. I'm already highly interested in this episode because of all the food talk.

Turns out the explosion produced some gadget that looks like a mini version of the gherkin building in London.

Walter takes the gherkin back to his lab and after conducting several tests he exclaims that he needs to hide the devise. He sends Peter out to get aluminum to block the frequencies it's sending out. When Peter leaves he knocks out Astrid, hides the gherkin and goes to a diner to get a root beer float. Saw that one coming, must satisfy a craving even in a time of crisis. At the diner Hairless Man (HM) sits down with Walter and talks to him as if they were old pals.

Walter will not give up the location of the gherkin and says that he needs to keep it hidden because some one's looking for it. Could it be the guy who has been blasting people with his Star Wars-looking gun? Star Wars dude (SWD) abducts Peter and through an electronic torture device is able to read Peter's thought and finds out where the gherkin is.

Of course Olivia goes to save Peter without bringing backup. Luckily she briefly becomes a bad ass and actually takes SWD down. The gherkin disappears into the ground and HM appears. He makes another call saying, "Departure on time." Peter takes down HM and we find out that he can read minds without the crazy torture device that SWD used. HM is able to say what Peter is thinking before he can say it. Then HM shoots Peter with another crazy Star Wars gun (although maybe this gun is a bit more Men In Black looking).

In the end, John showed up. Say whaaaa?

OK. I just have to get over the fact that I HATE the Olivia character because otherwise the story lines in this show are pretty interesting. What are your thoughts?

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