Monday, October 20, 2008

Amazing Race

Tina, even though your overplucked eybrows total bug, I am growing to love you and Ken. Plus, isn't this win number 3 for you? Photos from

Contestants were to travel from La Paz, Bolivia (which I learned is the world's highest capitol) to Auckland, New Zealand. Lucky. During the Bolivia pit stop, divorcees Kelly and Christy confronted Nick and Star telling them that they knew about their attempt to U-Turn them. These two teams are turning out to be high drama, and it's kind of fun to watch.

On the way to the airport this was Marisa and Brooke's conversation:
"I wonder if they like blondes in New Zealand."
"I wonder if they have blondes, so we're not like rare."
Oh dear, girls.

On the way from the airport to their first task in New Zealand, Aja and Ty get a flat tire and are both clueless on how to change it.

Tina and Ken were the first to untie their crazy knot followed closely by the frat boys and both raced to be the first to the fast forward. Ken and Tina beat out the frat boys and had to climb the tallest building in the southern hemisphere in order to advance straight to the pit stop.

Meanwhile, my favorite challenge thus far: teams had to search among a group of tribal Maori who were doing the ritual Haka dance (which is also performed by the All Blacks rugby team from New Zealand. I would be intimidated!) and match a picture of a tattoo to a tattoo on one of the men's faces. I love it.

Moving on, teams either had to go to a kiwi farm and smash kiwis like Ethel & Lucy stomped grapes in I Love Lucy or put together a wind kite kart and ride it around a track. Several teams found the kiwi smashing too difficult and changed tasks midway through.

Due to successfully climbing the building, Ken and Tina made it to the pit stop first and it was the southern Belles Marisa & Brooke that came in last. Guess they don't like blondes in New Zealand after all.

Poor pink southern belles Marisa and Brooke couldn't get through the kiwi smash fast enough and were sent home this week.

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