Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Ladder of Model Success

This week's winning photo of Lauren Brie.

It’s Benny Ninja time. The models are asked to pose while in fabric tubes. In the extreme posing introduction Sheena has the most flexibility and gets complimented by model/contortionist Bree Robertson.

Back at the house Hannah talks about how she’s from a small town…again. Then the sadly naïve girl exclaims that she’s just the “stereotypical white girl.” Is that like a hockey mom from Alaska? And then we get our first tears of the season. It wouldn’t be ANTM without a little waterworks.

To use their extreme posing, this week’s challenge has the girls modeling handbags and accessories designed by Tarina Tarantino. Even though she was complimented earlier, Sheena seems to have taken the opportunity to pose a little, ummm, raunchy by placing the handbag in front of her hoo-ha.

In confessional Nikeysha says she’s trying not to talk as much, but girl is NOT doing a good job at it. Also the girls circle the wagons and confront Hannah asking if she’s prejudice or racist. She is immediately offended and takes off for more tears. Are the girls overreacting or does Hannah need to watch her step more carefully? Are Alaskan girls really that out of touch with reality?

This week’s photo shoot is hanging from a hot air balloon… well because of the wind they’re actually hanging from a ladder suspended from a crane. Lauren Brie is 1st up and nails the shoot. A majority of the girls were awkward and didn’t know how to control their bodies in the air.

At judging, was Tyra trying to look like a butterfly in her dress? She surely did succeed on that. Also, did Paulina not get the memo that robot week was last week? What WAS she wearing and what WAS with her hair?!

Lauren Brie’s poses translated beautifully on film and Elina’s shots were so good that her eyes are still ingrained in my head. I thought Joslyn’s photo was interesting in the fact that it looked like her picture was taken while standing on the ground and the ladder was inserted after. Majorie’s body was placed well, but her face looked a bit manly.

In the end, Lauren Brie came out on top and Isis and Nikeysha were in the bottom two and Miss Flaps-Her-Gums is sent home.

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TheRemoteBelongsToMe said...

This season looks like it's going to be awesome. I like Sheena!