Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes is back!

Evil Claire and Peter four years in the future. Love the new 'do Claire, but Blondes do have more fun, you know. Photo from NBC.com
The Second Coming

We start with a brunette evil Claire (because you know, all us blondes are sweet and cheerleadery, we can’t be villains until you dye our hair darker) trying to kill Peter four years in the future. Just before a bullet hits Peter, he jumps back in time to none other than the news conference his brother was holding at the end of Season Two. We find out that it was Peter who shot Nathan and just when you think he’s bit the dust, he miraculously pops back to life.

Cut to the present and Hiro, hooray. I’ve missed Hiro. Since his father’s death Hiro has become a main shareholder in his father’s company.

Sylar shows up at Claire’s house and she locks herself in the pantry of all places to try to escape. Maybe not the smartest idea, Claire. Even though he is pure evil, Sylar has become one of my favorite characters on the show. So well played his plot lines always keep me on the edge of my seat.

Interesting. Maya has been living with Suresh and still wants his help to cure her powers. I thought maybe the Maya plot line would have ended with Season Two, but sadly it didn’t.

Back to Hiro and his father left him a video telling Hiro he had to keep an important secret passed down through generations. As soon as Hiro opens the safe with the secret, someone speeds by and takes it. Hiro’s time freezing skills can’t stop this “speedster” from getting away with half of a formula – to what, we’re not sure yet.

The Peter that shot Nathan is apparently just the Peter from the future. When Matt discovers he was the shooter, Peter makes Matt disappear. Is this a new power of Peter’s?

For the 9 o’clock T.V. hour, the scene with Sylar playing with Claire’s brain was a little much (not to mention very reminiscent of Hannibal). After stealing Claire’s power he puts Claire’s skull back on and Claire heals fine. When Claire wonders why he doesn’t kill her, Sylar says Claire can never die – and that means now he can’t either. What the hell is going on here?

Apparently Nicki didn’t die in the house blast at the end of last season. She’s alive and well and working for the mayor of New York… only she isn’t Nicki, she’s now Tracy Strauss and has no apparent memory of being Jessica/Nicki.

Suresh injects himself with a serum he made from Maya’s blood that will apparently allow him to develop his own powers. I could see this going very bad. Haven’t you seen the Incredible Hulk?
Recurring image: an exploding Earth. Wonder what this could be predicting?

Episode two – The Butterfly Effect

Mrs. Petrelli isn’t too happy with the future Peter and tells him that he is messing with time and that can have dire consequences.

After Sylar cut open her head now Claire feels no pain – the only way she used to feel like she was still human.

Sylar goes to Odesa, Texas, kills Bob and nearly kills Elle until she loses control of her power surge and sends out a current that knocks out Sylar and allows for all Level 5 prisoners, including Noah and the man whose body Future Peter sent Current Peter to for safe keeping. Oops. Mrs. Petrelli comes to the rescue and now in charge quickly fires Elle.

Apparently Nicki/Jessica/Tracy has a new power this season – she can freeze people. This could be a cool power (no pun intended, really).

I love the ensemble cast on this show. Last season Kristin Bell was brought in as a guest star and already we have her Veronica Mars co-star James Molina (Thumper), who is the host of Current Peter’s body, and then there’s Marlo from the Wire. Good job Heroes casting people.

I hope Jamie Hector (right), Marlo Stanfield from The Wire, gets a longterm role, not just one of the guys who escaped from Level 5 security. Photo from NBC.com
I knew something was going to go wrong with Suresh’s injection… thank you very much Incredible Hulk theory. He’s developing some pretty nasty lesions on his back. Not quite sure what to think of that.

And to top it all off, we end with Mrs. Petrelli telling Sylar she is his mom. Say wha?!

I loved the first two episodes. I was on the edge of my seat through most of it. What did you think?

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Michelle said...

I didnt know you watch Heroes?!?!? Who knew Maya was so hookerish? She hooked up with Sylar the end of last season.

And whats with the sort of copying on Fringe with the drawings of events that are soon to take place??