Saturday, August 30, 2008

TV season premiere time

Upcoming Fall premieres I’ll be watching (also known as the period of time I have no life)

Mon., Sept. 1
PRISON BREAK, FOX, 8pm – 2 hours of Michael and Link. Self-explanatory.
GOSSIP GIRL, CW, 8pm – Thank God Cox DVR can record 2 shows at once! This once guilty pleasure has become a show that I look forward to watching each week. With that said, if I was of the age to have a teenage daughter, you had better believe she would NEVER be allowed to watch this show. The drama, drugs, sex and expensive designer clothes are too much for me to handle at times let alone a teenager.

Tue., Sept. 2
Sorry to say, but I will not be watching the new 90210 unless there is someone out there who has a really serious argument as to why I should. Argue away. Plus, I wasn't allowed to watch the original 90210 (see above Gossip Girl explanation to understand why my parents kept me from the show).

Wed., Sept. 3
, CW, 8pm – it’s Tyra time! And in keeping with the current national conventions, the first episode is noted as being called Model Inauguration. Oh the laughter to be had, I can’t wait!

Fri., Sept. 5
Stand Up to Cancer
8pm – an entire hour dedicated to Cancer on all 3 major broadcast networks (and E! television). I do applaud this huge collaborative effort - and have walked in cancer fundraisers before - I want to know when we will see celebrities standing up for the diabetes? You know the incurable disease that has increased 45% since 1987 and has become the fifth-deadliest disease that affecting 23.6 million people in the U.S. It’s hard enough to get networks to run a 20 second PSA about diabetes let alone an entire hour. Guess diabetes won’t be the vogue disease until it gets a celebrity spokesman like Lance Armstrong to speak out and give away Livestrong bracelets. (A personal side rant... now back to our regularly scheduled blog topic.)

Sun., Sept. 7
Not exactly a season premiere, but it is time for some FOOTBALL! NFL action kicks off today. If it’s Sunday, you can find me at Last Call, Nick’s or other various sports bars enjoying a cold one and cheering for my 49’ers!

Tue., Sept. 9
, ABC, 8pm – (while not exactly a season premiere) my roommate and I started watching this show over the summer. It’s not a show I have to watch immediately when I get home, but one to keep on the DVR for a day that isn’t going so great. The laugh factor on this show is off the charts. Even on the gloomiest of days, watching contestants cross the “big-red-balls” FRINGE, FOX, 8pm – the pilot sounds intriguing, so I'll give it whirl. It has to be better than 90210. J.J. Abrams is the man behind the curtain of this show and he's done such a britlliant job with LOST, it's more than worth a peak. As an added bonus, the wonderful Lance Reddick (who played Cedric Daniels on The Wire) is on the cast, which might make up for the casting of Dawson's Creek alumnus Joshua Jackson.

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