Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chocolate covered bacon, oh my!

It's not really a secret to many that I have a deep affection for bacon. Yes, that's right, the other white meat. I have often given the argument that bacon can make any sandwich better (and while I haven't tried it yet, I do think it could still make PB&J better). I offer anyone to challenge me with a sandwich that it would not make better.

With that being said, I made this argument one day at work while designing A1. The news editor Lora thought it was hilarious and while Christmas shopping this past year even found me a magnet, which is up at my desk, that says, "Bacon: It makes everything better." Quite possibly one of the best presents I've ever received (I'm easy to please). Now Lora holds the tradition of passing along Web sites with crazy bacon ideas. A few weeks ago she hit the jackpot and forwarded me the Breakfast of Champions Web site. I thought I was in heaven!

I immediately decided I could not pass up the opportunity to make my very own chocolate bacon. So Memorial Day weekend I got a package of bacon and a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and went to work. I knew the bacon had to be very crispy before being dipped so I baked it in the oven at 400 deg for about 18 minutes. Once all the bacon had cooled I melted the chocolate in a double boiler and then dipped the bacon. After finishing I put the covered bacon into the freezer to harden the chocolate. From there it was chocolate covered bacon goodness!

I thought the treat, while very odd at first, was delicious. At first, the chocolate melted in my mouth and then the bacon aftertaste hit me with a high note. Something so good had to be shared, so I packed up what I didn't eat and brought it to work with me.

The reactions to this culinary experiment were quite varied. People mostly looked at me with disbelief repeating, "Chocolate bacon? Really?" Some ran quickly away from me, others reached into the Tupperware with trepid hands and the remainder couldn't run to me fast enough to try it. It was the talk of the newsroom for most of the afternoon. Seeing people's reaction made the effort of this culinary experiment quite worth it.

After the Tupperware was empty, there was talk of how chocolate covered bacon could be the next big thing in the fair circuit this year. A friend even suggested we try dark chocolate and maybe add a dash of cayenne pepper for a little bite. One even went so far as to dub the treat "chocobacon." I don't know, maybe we could be on to a good thing here.

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